Socialize Salon’s content shows are premiering nationwide as an independent production and initiative by the entrepreneur, director and curator Keren Litani.

The audience is invited to begin the evening with specially priced alcohol and soft beverages offered by the clubs, and take advantage of the intimate seating arrangement for networking, business or otherwise.
If you are a freelancer/entrepreneur, we recommend that you submit a tax invoice and receive reimbursement for expenses. Organizations and business owners are invited to send managers and employees to content and enrichment sessions. 

Ms. Litani believes the old world of conferences can be transformed into a platform for true value creation and mutually beneficial exchanges of ideas, by combining learning with a cultural experience. The BARBY House for Israeli Artists, and PAPAITO Music & Rehearsal Complex and Bar, are adopting this independent project and debuting the Socialize Salon series of content shows as a yearly subscription that includes ‘content shows’ on the BARBY’s and PAPAITO’s stages. The Socialize shows combine musical performances by artists with lectures by leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics.


it advises corporations, companies and other organizations on a range of issues such as technological innovation, ecosystem development, advanced customer relations management and marketing in the new digital economy. Keren often wonders how will the world look like when robots will take all the jobs and what happens if we will replace jobs with creations? 

"I believe in civilian society, grass-roots (bottom-up) processes, as well as the ability of both groups and individuals to generate social change. Therefore, in the original formats that I have developed for conferences, meet-ups and workshops that I initiate and produce, I provide a stage for technology entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and business people whom I identify as having the motivation, skill and charisma to aid and accelerate social change towards social equality, a stronger society and economy. Unfortunately, we see that inequality across the globe is growing at a rapid rate and in the digital era job markets and the work world are constantly changing and evolving at a fast pace; therefore, the education of economics and entrepreneurism is of particular significance during this time".

Keren Litani is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of technology's impact on the future of work. She is the founder and president of Socialize Summit, where top experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about business and technology challenges relating to the emerging social layer of business. Lectures to business forums and conferences throughout Israel and around the world on the subjects of technological innovation, economics, marketing and digital solutions, the future of work in today’s modern world.

Recently she was invited by the European Union (EU) to address its congress in Lisbon on the subject of technological innovation and promoting Entrepreneurism among young people. In 2017, Keren was invited to give a TEDx talk on the subject of "The Future of Work in the Digital Era".

Litani counsels and advises senior corporate executives in subjects concerning leadership development and innovation. The company provides advice and counsel to start-up developers and entrepreneurs on matters pertaining to the art of marketing and business strategy, In her lectures and in her book 'The Age Of Creators', she is telling the story of people born in the 20thcentury that should have been living in the 21st century.

Keren earned her BA in Communications and Business from the Israeli College of Management. For more than a decade, she fulfilled a variety of sales, marketing and marketing development positions in multi-national technological corporations in Israel and Europe. As a student of dance, she spent much of her teenage years on stages throughout Israel, and later on worked with the Bat Sheva Dance Company. Keren lives with her spouse Gil Litani, and is mother to Maya and Shira.  Litani spends much of her time driving on Routes' 4 & 5, dividing her time between the residential community of Tzoran, the Mikhmorit seashore and Tel Aviv – where she learned up close and personally, everything anyone needs to know about motivation.  Her book 'The Age of Creators', was published this year.

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